We want all of your questions to be answered.

How long is the turnaround time on made-to-order rings?

In order to ensure quality and add our personal touch, the turnaround time for our classic unaltered rings is currently 4-6 weeks. Custom designed rings may take longer. Please email us with any questions.

How do I know my ring size?

We use an American Standard for sizing. We recommend going to at least two local jewelers to be measured. This also provides opportunity to try on rings and see what width feels comfortable to you. Do not use a printable ring sizer from the internet, because the sizing is extremely inaccurate.

What if I order the wrong size? Can a wood ring be resized or exchanged?

If you ordered the wrong size, your wood ring can be resized! That’s the beauty of buying a precious metal ring. The unfortunate part is that the wood will need to be replaced. This will be at an extra cost, but is not bad compared to replacing an entire precious metal ring.

Precious metal rings: in some cases if there is an extreme difference in the size we may need to make a new ring.

Titanium rings. unfortunately, are not resizable.

The good news is if you return the titanium ring in its original condition, we will happily give you a 50% credit towards a new ring.  We love you that much!

Can I make payments on a ring?

Yes you can! You can can add the desired ring(s) to your cart and use the Partial.ly Pay option in the check out process. Follow the steps that Partial.ly Pay will guide you through and we will be all set! This is not a bank loan and your order will be processed and shipped once we receive final payment from you.

Can I customize a ring or send materials to use for a ring?

Yes, there are many ways to: All of the woods, inlays, stones and settings are interchangeable.

We can also use any materials you may have.  Clients have sent wood from a tree on a farm they grew up with, others, from a tree they will marry under.  Stones and shells have been sent that couples collected together to be inlaid in their rings. Also, faceted stones from a family ring can be used as a setting.

How long does a wooden ring last?

With proper care your ring will last a lifetime. A wood boat in the salty sea will last well over 100 years with proper care. It’s the same with a wood ring. We use an extremely hard resin that is used for wood boats specific to the salty sea.

To us, proper care looks like taking off your ring while working with tools, gardening, playing sports and anything else that will scratch or potentially damage your ring.  This will help to preserve your ring. 

How are your materials sourced?

We practice ethical and sustainable practices and sourcing. Our precious metals are 100% recycled and we use conflict free stones. Each diamond must go through the Kimberly Process before we purchase it.

We are concerned about deforestation and often illegally imported wood. All imported woods have to comply with the Lacey Act. A lot of our woods have been salvaged from hurricane downed trees, non-indigenous trees growing in the United States and other countries and often we use salvaged wood from orchards and residential areas, old barn wood and prunings.

What is your return policy?

All custom made and specially made rings are Final Sale and are not eligible for refunds or returns.

We will accept returns on our classic unaltered preexisting designs within two weeks of receiving for a 50% credit towards a new ring.

If you are unsure if a ring is eligible for a return please contact us at cs@chasingvictory.com

Do you provide a warranty?

We provide a one-year warranty on all of our rings from the date of completion. If any issues arise in the first year, we will repair your ring free of charge. It is your responsibility to ship and insure your jewelry. Chasing Victory will return your ring insured once repaired.

I see you offer Moissanites, what quality and grade do you use?

Yes! We proudly offer Charles & Colvard Forever One Colorless Moissanites. They include a certificate of authenticity and limited lifetime warranty.

Have any other questions? Just Ask!

Have a cool idea for a ring?  We’d love to hear it.  Email your idea to ideas@chasingvictory.com