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About Chasing Victory

Chasing Victory is the brainchild of artisan Jonathan Stroud. After suffering through a tragic accident, Jonathan found a way to come out on top and began honing his craftsmanship skills. Now, he is successfully creating and customizing wooden engagement and wedding rings, as well as men's bands.

You will find that each ring is crafted with care and extra special attention to detail. There are several options available to customers when it comes to choosing the type of wood and other materials that are used to make their rings. In addition, it's not only possible for Jonathan to make your ring(s) from wood that holds special meaning to you and/or your partner, but is encouraged in order to tell your love story and make the final product that much more meaningful.

Conventional rings just don't make the same impact that handmade wood rings do in their simplicity and quiet elegance. Intricate wooden designs and patterns paired with precious metals and gemstones make for a standout engagement or wedding ring/band that is unique to your finger. What better way to celebrate your love and commitment and show just how special it is?

At Chasing Victory, we find beauty in every grain of wood and take pride in making sure your ring is the perfect representation of your marriage vows.

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