Chasing Victory


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Revel in the conflict of chaos and order, entropy, and enthalpy. Society demands we create structure out of the structureless, that we build out of the wild. But the wild doesn’t go away, the untamed. It’s lying there just below the surface, burled and organic, unpredictable, flowing. We pave it over with glister and stone, but underneath the wild finds its place. The truth is that we need both, we need their balance and their swirl around one another; without chaos order means nothing, and without chaos, there can be nothing unique.
Choice of 14K White, Yellow or Rose GoldMaple Burl Wood Inlay10mm wide tapered to 5mm wide in the back(90) 1mm Diamonds, .005ct each, SI1, G-H ColorPlease see my FAQ for current turnaround
    If someone were to describe you, what words would you hope they’d use? Wild, free, larger than life? If this is how you see yourself, let the world know with our free-form maple wood ring. The ring consists of multiple large bands of diamonds, white gold, and maple burl wood that has one of the most stunning grains you’ll ever see. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially people who aren’t like you – those who are afraid to think outside of the box or who embrace a little chaos in the name of freedom and exploration. But you don’t see chaos or disorder. You see beauty and flow. And that’s exactly how you like to live your life, by going wherever the flow takes you.

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    The Perfect Match

    Discover the magic of custom-made matching rings, where we bring your unique love story to life. Jonathan will work closely with you to create a set of rings that perfectly symbolize your bond and shared journey. From selecting the finest materials to incorporating personalized wood inlays or gemstones, our custom-made matching rings are an exquisite testament to your love and commitment.

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