Chasing Victory


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The blue diamonds set into this ring cut through to the crystal, blue, watery heart at the center of the densest jungle. It’s the Amazon River deep in the core of the rainforest, which you find after cutting through dense vines, foliage, underbrush, ferns. Suddenly, a clearing: The green and mossy bank of the river, where below you rush the lifeblood of the world’s most beautiful, most diverse forests. With this ring, we’ve inverted the equation, bringing the water, that beating heart, to the forefront—on the sides, noticeable but subtle, the tangles of the jungle vines.
  • 14K White Gold
  • Blue Dyed Acrylic Wood
  • 2mm thickness
  • Single Prong
  • .25ct, SI1 Clarity, Aqua Blue Color Enhanced Diamond, Full Cut
  • (24) .005ct, SI1 Clarity, Aqua Blue Color Enhanced Diamond, Full Cut
  • Please see FAQs for current turnaround time.
  • She’s elegant, unpretentious, delicate, and like no one else you’ve ever met. You want to get her an engagement ring that matches her soft beauty while being just as unique as she is. Our blue diamond ring has an aqua-colored center stone, in addition to smaller stones running down the sides of the band. The color of the diamond is ethereal, like a fine blue mist in an enchanted forest. And the blue-dyed acrylic wood inlay will remind you of all the other vibrant colors of such a forest. The ring will complement your fiancé’s soft, delicate features and unique personality.

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