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Avocado is a unique wood, and uniquely workable. In this ring, you can see the arrow-straight grain of the wood, light brown against a bright beige background like a flock of starlings zipping across the endless Sonoma fields. Pairing excellently with any of our lighter wood engagement rings, the avocado is a wood with character, and befitting only a man of equal character, equal uniqueness. A man whose personality can shine as bright as the ring on his finger.
  • Titanium
  • Avocado Wood
  • Shown 7mm Wide
  • Please see FAQs for current turnaround time.
    • Hard and soft. Male and female. Each of these opposites functions well on their own. However, they perform even better when working in harmony with the opposite half. Together, they create a whole unit. Kind of like the avocado wood used to create this beautiful wood titanium ring. Avocado wood possesses characteristics of both hard and softwoods – and the botanicals of both sexes. The flowers of the avocado tree start out as male in the morning and transition to females in the afternoon! If you like androgynous attire and jewelry, as well as the concept of harmonizing your own masculine and feminine energies, our avocado titanium ring is the perfect fit.

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