Chasing Victory


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The solar eclipse is but an empty ring in the sky. A hole where the sun ought to be, where we know the sun to be. We don’t see the moon sliding over it, we see an empty patch of sky slowly taking away the most comfortable and reliable of processes. And then it is night: The birds stop chirping, the grass grows silver, the air stills. We look up at that empty ring, marveling at that which shouldn’t be, but is. A solar eclipse is beautiful not because it’s natural, but because it’s unnatural.
  • Black Zirconium
  • Offset 14K Rose Gold Inlay
  • Pictured 7mm wide
  • Please see our FAQ's for current turnaround time.
    • You're a tough guy with a heart of gold, and you need jewelry to match your personality. Our men's black zirconium ring is as dark as the midnight sky. It matches your hard(er) exterior, while the hint of rose gold lets the world know that you're sensitive, compassionate, and kind. You're the kind of guy to ride a motorcycle, wear a leather jacket with your favorite rock band T-shirt, and then get some snuggle time in with your yellow lab pup in the evening. The men's black zirconium ring is just as unique as you are – and it's smooth surfaces both inside and out make it totally comfortable to wear, too.

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