Chasing Victory


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It takes a special woman to wear this sapphire: The kind of woman who spends her morning in a puffy down jacket sipping coffee from a tin cup, her breath condensing in the cool late-spring mountain air. She’s on the log of a downed pine tree on the gravelly shore of Peeler Lake at the northeast border of Yosemite—a spot of perfect, deep blue in the otherwise green and grey pattern of rolling Sierra granite. There is still some snow on the peaks around, but the spring has mostly given way to the fluorescent green of the early summer meadows. The walnut wood in her ring is her connection to nature, the sapphire the color of the lake, and the topaz her lightness of spirit and mood.
    14K White Gold
    Walnut Wood
    5mm Blue Sapphire AAA Grade (Center)
    (2) Diamond cut, 3mm Swiss Blue Topaz AA Grade
    Note video of the ring shows a smaller center stone and Jack Daniel's wood inlay
    Please see FAQs for current turnaround time.
      To the ancients, blue sapphires represented celestial faith, hope, good fortune, kindness, and wisdom. Blue topaz, on the other hand, symbolizes love and loyalty. These are beautiful sentiments attributed to this walnut wood and white gold topaz ring. The ring comes complete with three splendid stones. The middle stone is a deep shade of azure blue, while the smaller stones are a delicate shade of sky blue. The blues stand out brilliantly against the white gold and deep walnut hue of the wood. The woman who wears this ring will appreciate this ring not just because of its unique beauty but also because it represents your love and loyalty toward your kind-hearted fiancé.

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