Chasing Victory


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Sheoak, the perfect shade of brown-red with flowing grain, makes the ideal complement to the soft and polished yellow gold. This ring, which bends its way smoothly around your finger, metal and wood growing and moving as one, is truly special for the shape it makes. A band not quite continuous, but complete nonetheless—with still room further to grow and a connection stronger for it.
  • 14K Yellow Gold
  • Sheoak Wood
  • 10mm Wide Tapered to 7mm Wide
  • Please see our FAQ for current turnaround
    • Our rings are unique, not because of the type or amount of stones we use. Our rings are special because of the wood. If you’re someone who wants a simple ring that allows you to appreciate that element to the fullest, our Sheoak wood ring is the ring for you. The design is simple yet distinctive, wrapping around your finger without closing completely. The wood is outlined by yellow gold, which brings out the variations of shade in the wood grain. Speaking of the wood shades, this ring is made of Sheoak wood, one of the rarest woods in the world. The hues in the grain range from pink to dark red, with hints of orange, purple, and black. It’s an exceptional ring deserving of someone with exceptional taste, just like you.

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      The Perfect Match

      Discover the magic of custom-made matching rings, where we bring your unique love story to life. Jonathan will work closely with you to create a set of rings that perfectly symbolize your bond and shared journey. From selecting the finest materials to incorporating personalized wood inlays or gemstones, our custom-made matching rings are an exquisite testament to your love and commitment.

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